Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Wealthy Mentality - Creating Multiple Streams Of Income

Did you know that wealthy people have multiple streams of income coming in? In order to be truly wealthy you cannot just depend on one source of income. Why is this? Because the source could dry up and one aspect of living in abundance is minimizing worry and stress. Putting all of your eggs into one basket is actually the source of most people's frustration and stress.

The secret that wealthy people have learned to master is creating income that works on automatic. This could be in the form of generating interest or creating products that only needs to be created once and can be sold over and over again. One example is writing a book. You can invest time into writing a book ONE TIME and sell it over and over and over again.

Think of all of the knowledge that you currently have and learn more about it. Become an expert and put it on paper. You may find that you have multiple books already stored in your brain just waiting to be released to the rest of the world.

I hope this encouraged you to start putting some of your thoughts into action.

Give thanks to God for this simple yet powerful lesson and go and live a wonderful life.

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Alisani Brazil, The Happy Kindalista.

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