Friday, April 16, 2010

Body Language Book – Know What A Person Is Thinking In 7 Seconds Or Less

Yesterday I attended a body language class being taught by Janine Driver, the founder of the Body Language Institute in Washington DC. If you are a fan of the show "Lie To Me" the man who Dr. Lightman's character is based, Dr. Paul Ekman, was her mentor. The class was incredible and she is just FABULOUS and super nice. For those of you interested, I've been reading her book called You Say More Than You Think and it is a fun and fast read for the beach or on a rainy day. This book is great if you want to be able to read people through their body language and tell if they are lying for dates, jobs, or anything else. This book also clears up misconceptions and myths that were taught in the past from "body language" experts. The main thing this book is helping me with is my confidence and knowing when it's appropriate to turn it up or down a notch.

Just to give you an idea, she's trained CIA agents, Worked for the ATF, and is featured on shows like Dr. Oz, Larry King Live, Fox News, NBC's Tody Show and Rachel Ray.

For the best price for her book go to Amazon by clicking on the picture below. I warn you that you are going to be getting some dangerous information so you have to promise to use it for good and not evil. ;)

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Alisani Brazil, The Happy Kindalista

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