Monday, April 12, 2010

Customer Service Tips - Is It Important To Give Great Customer Service To Non Paying Clients?

It is very easy to only providing great customer service to paying customers and clients because they are the ones bringing in the money. However, a non-paying customer who received good information, help and respect has the potential of being a future client and referral.

How many times have you been interested in a product or service and called up to get further information. Were you calling to purchase now or were you calling to gain information for a future purchase? Most of you can probably answer "yes" to both of those questions. In some situations, you wanted an item immediately and in others, you were just gathering information.

In both circumstances, would you have bought from that company if they had treated you with impatience, disregard for your business or a lack of respect? In most situations, the answer would probably be "no." Most of you would find a different company to do business with.

This is the way other people are viewing you. Always treat people with respect and kindness even if they are not buying from you right now. In this day and age, their are so many companies that offer the same thing that you offer (or some version of it) that you could end up causing a person to buy an inferior product from a competitor just because you were disrespectful and impatient.

I am aware that their are some clients that you may not want to do business with because you may see signs that they are difficult to work with. In this case, don't go out of your way to get their business but still be respectful and at least "act" as if their business is of value to you. You would not want this type of person to spread negative things about your business because you used poor judgment in your treatment of them.

I have purchased many items and services from companies because they made me feel valued as a customer and they wanted my business. I have also not done business with other companies, even when the product was superior, because of the sales person's lack of good customer service skills and aloofness.

In most situations, people will spend more at a company that exhibits excellent customer service habits just because of the way they feel. Remember this point especially if your business mainly caters to women. People in general are emotional buyers and women are even more so than men.

Practice building up character traits such as patience and kindness towards others. You do not have to be a pushover, but you can release people in a kind and respectful manner.

Being rude and short with people will not bring good things your way. In fact, you will find that your life's journey will be a struggle. Many people who live this way often view themselves as victims when in fact, they are actually "victimizing" other people with their personality.

Don't be one of these people. Your business and your relationships will suffer.

I hope that this tip helped you. Give thanks to God for this reminder. Our purpose in life is to bless and be blessed. The easiest way to bless others is through our kindness and a pleasing personality.

I'm so proud that you are choosing to treat people the way you would like to be treated. I'm also proud that you are choosing to forgive others who do not practice acts of good will towards others.

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Have a super-fantastic day everyone,

Alisani Brazil, The Happy Kindalista

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