Sunday, February 14, 2010

Positive Thinking - How To Know If You Are A Positive Or Negative Person

Most people generally believe that they are positive. It’s very rare that you meet a person who would consider themselves a negative person. This is because, people equate positive and negative based on how they view themselves as a person and most people believe that they are good people. Being positive is NOT based on your view of yourself. What determines if you are positive or negative is on how you view the world, your current situation and the emotions you emit when being faced with life’s challenges. Example: if you have the overall belief that people are born evil and need to work towards being good, than you by default have a negative outlook on life. The opposite is also true; if you believe that people are born good but may do bad things due to upbringing, neglect and/or abuse, you have a positive outlook on life. It is extremely important to know where your world view is regarding this because it affects how you treat people. If you believe that people are born evil, than every time you perceive that a person is mistreating you or someone else, you will naturally try to control the person and emotionally “beat” the evilness out of the person. This will subject you to negative thoughts and you will be inclined to display “justifiable” anger instead of show love, compassion and forgiveness to people. If you believe people are born good, you may be more inclined to take people with a grain of salt and understand that there are some deep emotional issues causing them to mistreat you, others and essentially themselves. You will show compassion and forgiveness and send prayers their way that they will get some professional help and start loving themselves.

People who are negative often use words that are unempowering and display character traits that repel others. These words reflect thoughts of living in fear, worry, insecurity, obsession and desperation. They also display habits of judgment, criticizing others, rudeness, envy, arrogance, argumentative, always being a victim of someone or something, making decisions out of guilt, giving expecting something in return and constantly complaining. They’re unable to understand their specialness so therefore they are unable to recognize the specialness in others. These people are an emotional drain to be around and you leave there presence feeling empty and sometimes even frustrated.

People who are positive use empowering words and display character traits that attract other people who are also happy and positive. These words include hope, gratefulness regardless of their current circumstances, seeing the good in others, not judging others behaviors, respecting others rights to their beliefs and choices, confidence and a healthy self-esteem, understanding their value and their uniqueness, seeing and outwardly recognizing the total beauty in others, and unselfish giving. These people are a joy to be around and you leave there presence feeling energized, inspired and emotionally satisfied.

The point of this book is to help you understand which side of the fence you are on. Are you positive or negative? Which character traits do you display and how can you make a change if you are on the negative side? You start by being grateful and by focusing on everything that you have instead of everything you perceive that you don’t have. Next, you make the conscious choice to start living and thinking in positive terms. This is EXTREMELY important because our perception directly affects our ability to live in the abundance of life. There can be no other way. Our thoughts determine our destiny and no one or nothing can do it for us.

If you believe that life is unfair and you don’t know why the world keeps giving you rotten lemons, you will continue to experience the unfairness of life. If you believe that life is fair and gives us exactly what we expect, than you will learn to expect blessings and for your dreams to come to pass, thus, you will receive more blessings and your dreams will most certainly come true.  My challenge to you is to forgive everything that has happened to you in the past. My other challenge to you is to forgive yourself for harboring the virus of unforgiveness for so long and allowing it to negatively affect your life. Next, forgive yourself for things that you have done to others and let it go completely. Now, start seeing yourself as a happy, whole and abundant person. Finally, make the choice to FEEL with energy that you are abundant in every aspect of yourself RIGHT NOW and watch yourself start to accomplish amazing things.

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