Saturday, February 27, 2010

You Have To Believe It To See It

It is very common to hear people say, "I'll believe it when I see it" when speaking about their dreams. This is often one of the main causes of people not stepping out and going after their dreams. The need for physical sight before belief. There is a problem with this thinking; it defies the laws of nature. Nothing in nature can manifest without thought first coming into it. In other words, a maple tree starts off as a seed. When it is planted it has every potential of being a full grown maple tree but at that very moment it is a seed. Until it is planted either by a person or the wind, it will remain a seed. Having the attitude that you will believe it when you see it will keep you from planting that seed and therefore it will never become a maple tree.

This system applies to everything. If you want a piece of toast for breakfast, you have to first have the thought, "I would like a piece of toast." If you have the attitude that you will wait to see it to believe it, you will not have the piece of toast. In order for it to be manifested you have to get a piece of bread, put it in the toaster and wait for it to pop up. This applies to everything. If you want a clean room you have to think it and than take the necessary actions to see that it is clean. You may either clean it yourself or pay someone else to do it but either way it will require some form of action on your part.

What I described in the previous paragraphs are laws of nature in there simplest forms. However, they are laws of nature and they apply to everything. You have to think it, act and than wait for the manifestation. If you don't know the action to take, you have to learn it. If I wanted to make a piece of toast and proceeded to boil bread in water, I would not end up with toast. I would end up with soggy bread. This does not mean that my dream of having toast was wrong; it just means I did not know how to make it happen. The correct and logical thing to do would be to ask someone how to properly make toast. There is no need for stress or worry because when the time is right the right person would come along and show me how to make toast. Once I learn it, I will have it in my consciousness forever. I can go 10 years without making toast and still know how to make it.

Some things may take more practice but if you put the right amount of time into it eventually it will become embedded into your subconscious and you will be able to do it without thinking.

This applies to your dream. If you have a dream, there is a way to accomplish it. It does not matter how big or how small it is. If you can think it you can do it. The nice thing about dreams is that it does not matter where you are presently; there is still a way to manifest it. It may take longer but if it is a deep burning desire in your heart, you will have the will-power and determination to see it through with the help of God. It is people who really don't have the burning desire to see their dream come into fruition who give up and make excuses. This is not a negative thing; in fact it is positive because it means that this particular thing is not really a dream of yours just a wishful thought. Wishful thoughts do not give people the energy or the drive; burning desires do. If you don't have the drive, the Holy Spirit through your subconscious is trying to tell you to find something else that you are deeply passionate about.

Put in the necessary time and effort that you need to accomplish your dreams. If it takes ten years than so be it. Fall in love with the process. Keep your eyes only on the goal and let the guidance of the Holy Spirit direct you where you need to be to see this dream manifest. God may direct you to a job that will give you the knowledge that you need for your dream. He may direct you to a boss who will contribute to your character building because people who achieve their dreams in every aspect of their lives have learned how to have self-control even in the most intense situations. They have literally learned how to master their emotions.

Start believing and have faith so that you will start to see it. Believe that your dream has come into fruition right now. Don't fight or resist the process. That will only slow you down and lead to discouragement and eventually abandonment of a dream. Just go with it. Love it. Embrace it. It is for your good and your betterment.

I'm very proud of you. You have taken the necessary steps to follow your passion. Keep your eye on the goal and embrace the path that will be laid out for you. Don't try to figure everything out. Your mind has but limited understanding. Allow God to direct you and be grateful for everything that you learn along the way.

Give thanks for this valuable lesson. This is what you needed to keep going. Do everything with excellence and with joy. Don't waste your time on activities that will not take you closer to your dream or bring you pleasure and enjoyment. Stop playing video games unless the game that you are playing is teaching you something or enhancing your skill. If you are doing anything on autopilot, that is a sign that you need to be adding other skills or doing something else entirely because your mind is not being stretched. If you are not growing than you are going backwards. Life does not stand still. It either progresses or deteriorates. If you are not choosing to grow than you are speeding up your deterioration. Choose to grow and follow your dreams. This is our purpose here on earth. To have more life for ourselves and the betterment of mankind. Anything that is producing the opposite is a sin. Period.

I am so honored that you have taken the time out of your day and chosen to read this blog. I hope that you are greatly encouraged as I am writing this. I pray over your life love, joy, happiness, peace and abundance in every aspect and that you will share that with others. Pass this gift of encouragement on to someone else. Compliment and encourage others often and sincerely. Keep the cycle of love in operation as it is the foundational strength that gets people through their daily lives.

God is very pleased that you are challenging yourself beyond your comfort zone. Life is so good and I am so incredibly grateful to be living it!!!

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