Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Poem I Wrote In 1999

I've been cleaning my basement all week and I happened to find a folder that had a bunch of my poems in it from 1999. I read this one and thought that this would be a good post. Have a great day everyone. ~Alisani

By Alisani Brazil
February 2, 1999

When people look at me, who do they see,
A black girl just walking around timidly?
Or do they see fear in my eyes screaming loud
That I am but lost and need to be found?
No? How about pride peeping up from my nose
Looking down on others, their sins to be exposed?
Jealousy or envy? Maybe it's strife?
Can't wait to stab others in their back with a knife.
I long for others to see me showing love,
Compassion and kindness flowing forth like a Dove.
Faith, hope and peace for all who come nigh.
Joy and gladness from God reigning on high.
Serving others the best that I know I can
Because I was fashioned by God and not man.
That people may to my presence come again
To see God's holy light shining bright from within.

~Alisani Brazil

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